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Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio

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Last updated on 31 July 2008

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Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio
Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio

If you’re a gay or bi-sexual man who has been in relationships with women – you’re not alone. Gay Fathers and Husbands understands … and maybe we can help each other.

If you would like more information, desire to be added to our email list, or if you know of a local organization or event relating to gay fathers that we should include on our home page, email us at info@gfah.org

You can also contact us by phone.

Akron/Cleveland/Youngstown area
Call Jim at 330-867-7036
or Tom at 330-631-5125

Wooster area
Call Mike at 330-262-4142

Canton area
Call David at 330-705-1734